xmr.to Review – XMR to BTC Anonymously, without KYC

xmr.to review - XMR to BTC anonymously, without KYC
UPDATE: the service is stopped and will no longer be operated.

Are you looking for a trusted service for changing your Monero to Bitcoin?
XMR.TO – is the best platform for Bitcoin payments if you are Monero user.

So what is XMR.TO?

xmr.to review - XMR to BTC anonymously, without KYC

XMR.TO is the anonymous service that lets you exchange your Monero to Bitcoin or even pay Bitcoin merchants with Monero.

Monero is well known as the most anonymous cryptocurrency today and it is quickly becoming the preferred choice of the deep web and other online marketplaces where anonymity is one of the most important factors.

How does XMR.TO work?

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Paste the BTC address you want to pay, then choose the amount you want to send and press the “Create” button.
  2. The service will show, how many Monero coins you should send.
  3. Once XMR.TO receives your Monero coins, the service will make your requested bitcoin payment.

When you create an order with XMR.TO, you’re creating a contract. This contract states that XMR.TO will receive a specific amount of XMR, and will make a specific bitcoin payment on your behalf.

Be sure to take note of the order secret key given to you during the creation of the contract. You can use this key to track the order of your status.

Note that your order is only valid for 15 minutes. It means, that you should send the appropriate amount of Monero to the platform within that time window, in other cases your order will not be processed. The service only needs to see the unconfirmed transaction on the P2P network within this time window; miner confirmation can occur outside the 15-minutes window.

After receiving your Monero payment, the service will wait for it to be confirmed. Then, the platform will send your requested amount of bitcoin to the address of your choice.

The platform comes with no hidden costs. After requesting an order, you’ll see a BTC/XMR exchange rate.


XMR.TO is one of the best anonymous services operating nowadays, that lets you exchange your Monero to Bitcoin without KYC. You simply send Monero to XMR.TO, then service transfers it to the bitcoin address of your choice. The platform allows you to pay BitPay invoices with Monero anonymously.

  • Usability
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Payment Options
  • Speed
  • Fees


XMR.to is a Monero/Bitcoin instant exchange service that lets you anonymously transfer Monero to a Bitcoin address. You send Monero to XMR.to. Then, the service receives your Monero and transfers it to the bitcoin address of your choice. Within minutes, you can anonymously move your Monero to a secure bitcoin address and even pay Bitcoin merchants like BitPay, CoinPayments etc.