The US has accused six people of laundering drug cartels’ money through cryptocurrencies

The United States Department of Justice has charged members of a criminal organization that laundered money from Mexican drug cartels.

Six people were involved in the case. The investigation claims that they used casinos, shell companies, cryptocurrency, Bank accounts, and cash smuggling for their purposes. The criminals used WeChat and WhatsApp apps to coordinate and transmit information.

One of the participants in the scheme allegedly tried to bribe a US state Department official with cryptocurrency to get documents to enter the country. Five people were allegedly involved in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

In total, the Agency filed 14 charges against the defendants. Each of them is threatened with imprisonment from 10 years to a life sentence.

Earlier, Europol announced the arrest of 20 members of the QQAAZZ group. 16 States were involved in the operation, and about 40 searches were conducted in five countries.

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