Review – Scam HYIP (2021)

Sugexcrypto Digital Services is an investment company that supposedly offers everyone to trade on the cryptocurrency market. However, clients ourselves, of course, will not trade, this will be handled by this “management company”.

In other words, Sugexcrypto wants clients to make crypto deposits, which they will dispose of at their discretion, promising you a solid profit. Of course, this is a deception, and very simple, and thanks to this, it will not be difficult to expose it.

So what does offer?

Sugexcrypto is an investment company. The project generates profit by buying and selling currency, stocks, options, and commodities in the foreign exchange market.

Sugexcrypto consists of a team of financial market professionals assembled specifically to provide the best trading conditions for their clients.

Advantages of the company:

  • Full transparency of all transactions. Each Investor controls their trading account.
  • A unique investment platform. Leading Sugexcrypto investors were involved in its development. It is designed to meet modern security and trade requirements.
  • Individual service for each client. For this purpose, not only high-quality education is provided, but also interaction with personal managers.
  • Three investment plans are proposed. The minimum deposit amount is $ 50. Profitability-from 20% in 4 days and up to 50% in five days.

Signs of Scam

The Sugexcrypto project is a typical scam. Strangely, some people trust this project, especially those who are native to the idea of what cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency trading are.

Nevertheless, the desire for freebies outweighs, as a result of which naive users become victims of such scams.

The site looks very cheap and not trustworthy. The age of the domain is decent, but if you look closely at its history, you will see that it was updated on January 25 of this year. It was then that the scammers placed this project here.

Legal information is not available. The British certificate is shown on the home page, but it is a small picture, and even blurry, nobody knows what is written there. The link to the company’s registration is also not provided. The conclusion is – a picture stolen from the Internet, in reality, Sugexcrypto does not have any documents.


The essence of Sugexcrypto is that it is a typical HYIP project. The project does not conduct any real activity, it only collects money from naive people, which will then be stolen by the managers of this project. Scam, don’t mess around.