How to access I2P easily with I2P Firefox Browser Profile

How to access I2P easily with I2P Firefox Browser Profile

The Tor browser has become excessively popular nowadays. One of the reasons is the existence of Tor Browser Bundle (TBB). TBB is a carefully configured kit of Tor, Mozilla Firefox, and other useful tools. With TBB, you can use Tor off the shelf, without making advanced settings by yourself.

There have been so many attempts to produce “I2P Browser Bundle”, but most of them finished untimely. However, now we have the I2P Firefox Browser Profile (FBP) Installer. It is mainly for Windows at the moment, but Mac OSX and GNU/Linux support are being developed.

Installing Firefox/I2P/I2P FBP

I2P Firefox Browser Profile on Windows -
I2P Firefox Browser Profile on Windows –

Unlike TBB, which bundles Firefox & Co., you still have to install Firefox and I2P by hand for I2P Firefox Browser Profile (FBP). It is not difficult, since they have easy installers — just visit the website and follow instructions.

Then, you have to run the I2P router by yourself. Click “Start I2P (non-window)” in the Windows 10 Menu and wait for a while.

After running the I2P router, you need to install I2P Firefox Browser Profile. It installs a completely new and separated Firefox Profile dedicated to the use of I2P, so if you have been already using Firefox, your current Profile is not disturbed at all. Also, you can uninstall I2P FBP whenever you want.

Note that in I2P Firefox Browser Profile the HTTP Everywhere and NoScript add-ons are pre-installed by default for better security.

Now your web browser is fully-configured for I2P, but if you try to browse clearnet websites such as Facebook and Google, your Internet speed will be very slow due to the proxies of I2P. For fast clearnet usage, we recommend other web browsers.

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