How the Bitcoin Mixers Ensure User Anonymity

The essence of the blockchain is that all user transactions are combined into long chains of data and then stored in a common decentralized database. Everyone has the opportunity to see where the funds came from and where they were sent. Aliases are used to register in the system, and private keys are used to confirm transfers.

For many people who use bitcoin, their transactions with cryptocurrency must remain anonymous. To do this, people use tumblers, such as listed here: But in addition to simply mixing coins, many services allow you to use other functions, such as delayed transactions, random miners fee, and access to the mixer from the Tor network, to ensure better security.

How to protect coins from theft

Developers are making a lot of effort to ensure the anonymity of bitcoin, but at the same time, there are new ways to identify the identity of users and analyze transactions. To ensure security, it is recommended to visit any sites where cryptocurrency is accepted, only through VPN and proxies. Thus, the sources of receipt of bitcoins are hidden. Modern crypto-wallets create new addresses for each transaction, this is convenient if the owner of the coins often transfers them to other users.

Mixers have a more sophisticated system for maintaining anonymity. They shuffle the bitcoins that they received from users and return them without the possibility of analyzing transactions. After the actions of the mixers, a lot of new operations appear in the blockchain, which confuses the traces. It makes sense to use mixing after each receipt of coins from third parties. To maximize the anonymity, you should choose the best bitcoin mixing sites with a high level of mixing.