ChipMixer Review: Fast Bitcoin Mixing Service Review: Fast Bitcoin Mixing Service

Introduction. What is a crypto tumbling service?

The service was CLOSED in 2023.

For those who don’t know – the crypto tumbling service is a service that helps users to use cryptocurrencies anonymously. It breaks the connection between the old and a new wallet. ChipMixer is one of those mixing services that keep your bitcoins safe.

As you may already know, Bitcoin transactions are transparent and not anonymous. Bitcoin movements are recorded and available to anyone via the blockchain — a global database that keeps a record of all bitcoin transactions. When you finally use Bitcoin to pay for goods or services, you will, of course, need to provide your name and address to the seller. This means that a third party can trace your transactions and find ID information and even IP address. To avoid this, a mixing service can provide the capacity to exchange your bitcoins for different ones, which then can not be associated with the original owner.

The Bitcoin tumbler will take your bitcoin, mix it with other deposits, and give you the same amount of bitcoin in return minus the fee. It’s developed to reduce bitcoin tracking, “clean” your coins, and help ensure anonymity on the transparent bitcoin network. Let’s learn more about the ChipMixer and its unique features.

How does it work?

On the bitcoin network, your transactions are all traceable. Everybody can view your bitcoin wallet, then trace all transactions made by that bitcoin wallet over time – including who you sent your coins to, how much money you have, and where you’re spending your coins. However, ChipMixer guarantees to anonymize your bitcoin transactions.

The service already has prepared (mixed) bitcoins for you. So all you need to do is to fill the form and send the required amount of coins to the provided address. The mixed coins will be then sent back to you automatically in 24 hours.

The ChipMixer will receive your dirty coins, and then send you clean bitcoins in return. You will get the same amount of bitcoin (minus a fee), but different bitcoin from different parts of the blockchain.

The tumbling service also uses a special voucher “code” to ensure you get your fresh bitcoin back every time you use the service. You should save that voucher for the future.

Why do I need a mixing service like ChipMixer?

That may not seem like a big deal because your wallet is still anonymous. Even so, here are a bunch of cases when it would be wise to consider ChipMixer or a fork service:

  • If you even once tie your data to your wallet (like post your email address online with your wallet address), then someone could trace your bitcoin wallet to your identity. This could put you at risk of being physically harmed by criminals, targeted by tax authorities, or investigated by other law enforcement – among other unwanted problems.
  • If you’ve ever used a bitcoin exchange that requires KYC/AML verification (i.e. you uploaded a picture of your ID), then your personal information is tied to any bitcoin you purchased over that exchange.
  • If you’ve used a Bitcoin wallet without a VPN, then your IP address is linked to all transactions, connected with that bitcoin-address.

ChipMixer Features

Fully Anonymous – the service works without KYC policy. All kinds of logs are wiped from the servers.

Instant mix – coins are instantly transferred to your address after your transaction is confirmed.

Affiliate Program – the service pays users when they refer others to the platform.

ChipMixer Fees

The tumbler doesn’t charge any fee. It is based on donations. You can donate as much as you want. You’re required to mix a minimum of 0.007 BTC and a maximum of 100 BTC.

Summary: Perfect for those who want to use bitcoin anonymously

Today there are a lot of coin tumblers online, and ChipMixer is one of the best legitimate options that you can use to protect your bitcoins.

ChipMixer Review (2023)
  • Usability
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Payment Options
  • Speed
  • Fees


ChipMixer allows users to mix bitcoins anonymously and without KYC. The service has no fees, it is based on donations. You can use ChipMixer even in TOR browser or I2P, it’s all been designed with beginners in mind.