Anonymous moved 1000 BTC that had been frozen for 10 years

At the beginning of October 2020, an unknown user moved 50 BTC that had been lying idle since 2010. A similar episode occurred in July. The coins were withdrawn to the address 35DRQxCBMBe3Erbcue791t89JVB2VwsJi4, then the amount was split into 10 BTC.

In May, 50 bitcoins were set in motion, received as a reward for the block on February 9, 2009. The network of the first cryptocurrency worked at that time for only one month. One of the miners at the time was bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

As reported by Goldfoundinshit, a similar transaction for 1000 BTC, extracted in 2010, was carried out on March 11, right before the sharp collapse of the market. There is a similar pattern in the behavior of senders — first, they collect coins to the P2SH address, and then they split them into many bech32 addresses.

Some coins had been transferred to the address of the Free Software Foundation.

The organization was founded by Richard Matthew Stallman in 1985 — the author of the concept of “copyleft” as opposed to “copyright”. Using the “copyleft” licenses, the authors and copyright holders grant the rights to distribute copies of the original work and its modified versions. The authors of a derivative work must distribute it with the same rights.

Stallman is also the founder of the free SOFTWARE movement, the GNU project, and the League for Programming Freedom.

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